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Pasted Valve Bag

Type of Product

Pasted valve bag is designed for rapid filling through a valve on spout packers. The high quality of such bag enhances filling and provides optimal palletisation. To protect the content from moisture, PE-liner can be equipped as an extra layer of protection to the bag.


During the filling process, the pressure of the product enables the valve to seal on its own. Filling performance and protection properties can be fine-tuned according to the customer’s needs.  For a cleaner working environment, the valve can be equipped with polyethylene to prevent the content from spilling. There are a few options for flexible closure depends on customer’s needs.



Size and structureWidth: 300mm to 800mmBottom: 80mm to 185mmLength: 455mm to 1415mmNumber of Plies: 1 to 4Colour Printing: up to 3-colour

Raw Material




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