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Who Are We

Apack Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was established in 1999 as one of the pioneers in the paper bag packaging industry in Malaysia.


We focused on multi-wall sack industry and manufacture high quality multi-wall paper bags complying with stringent industry standard in accordance with our customer’s requirement. At this moment, Apack Manufacturing has built its reputation by producing quality products, providing excellent services and selling products at competitive prices.


Testimony to this is our ever-expanding client base that has grown to more than a hundred, spanning in various countries over Asia. Our products are widely used in the cement, construction, minerals and materials industries. Additionally, we also acquired ISO 9001 certification in order to compete better in the market and on par with our customer’s standard.

Our Commitment

Apack Manufacturing is committed to produce multi-wall paper bags of the highest quality and meeting environmental requirements, through improved technology and active engagement with clients.

Research and Development

We have a dedicated team to focus on research and development in producing better bags. As a specialist in our field, we will continue to explore innovative, new ways to develop the multi-wall sack as a cost effective and more efficient form of packaging than the alternatives with which it competes.


The quality of a paper bag is highly dependent on the superior raw materials used. Therefore, we use only the best paper that can be simply recycled, sourced, and guaranteed by our suppliers.


All manufacturing processes of our products is closely monitored and controlled, which is part of our procedure to assure the expectation of the customer is met. A series of corrective and preventive actions are maintained for internal operating procedures and manufactured products are continuously monitored for improvements.


Using our wide knowledge on paper bags, we work closely with our clients. Apack Manufacturing assists its clients on specification that are suitable for their packaging, thus helping them to reduce costs. Our products are delivered on time to customers.


We also stress on developing a strong relationship with clients and offer technical support to enable bags made to meet our client’s specification. We always play the role of advisor to our clients in paper packaging related issue. We rely on our expertise and knowledge to meet client’s needs with the right packaging.

Our green side

We strongly emphasize on environmental friendly packaging materials. We use only virgin pulp that can be easily recycled. We continue to work on minimizing the environmental impact of all our products and explore new ways to increase the high-recyclable content on our products. Our multi-wall packaging kraft paper bags are available in many styles and sizes. Therefore, we can customize our products according to client’s requirement.


Every brand product is identifiable by its packaging. Our printing technology precisely resets our client’s individual corporate design in four printing lines and on a small reel printing line. Up to four colours and a surface coating can be applied per printing cycle. The versatility of our products enable a large number of companies to use it to pack cement, building materials, chemicals, minerals, fertilizer, agricultural products, food, flour, detergent and more.

Apack Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

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